Why Check Roofs Before Moving In Auckland | Solution Roofing
So, you have finally bought a house after a fair bit of house hunting (thanks to the Auckland housing market). It’s everything you wanted and more, and you are keen to move in. However, if your house is not a new one, you need to do a thorough inspection, particularly of the roof, before you move in. Here’s why. 1. Roofs don’t age well Roofs take a lot, especially in Auckland, where the weather can be a mixed bag. This is why, if they are not well maintained, roofs don’t age too well. If the last time your roof was replaced was over ten years ago, it might be time to bring in professionals for a proper inspection. If the house’s previous owners were sloppy with the maintenance, there could be broken tiles, loose fittings, and other issues that need to be fixed to avoid future problems like leaks, mould, and diseases. 2. It saves you money in the long run Putting off a home roof inspection or maintenance for a rainy day (pun intended) will probably end up costing you a lot more. As mentioned earlier, Auckland and other parts of New Zealand with a subtropical climate are known for unpredictable weather conditions like heavy rains. For houses in other parts of the country that are windy or prone to tornadoes, like Wellington, roofs can bear the brunt of falling tree branches or even get torn off completely. This is why inspecting the roof as soon as you get possession of your house and repairing any damage, no matter how small, will ensure that your roof and, by extension, your home itself lasts a long time. 3. All roofs are not created equal Since roofs come in a variety of types – from concrete tiles to stainless steel – the maintenance and repairs for one type will differ from the other. You may have been familiar with the decramastic tile roof at your old place, but your new house with its metal tile roof will be a completely different ballgame. This means you need to know how to work with the roof type or the right people to do the job.

Why use an expert?

While we, as Kiwis, love DIY, there are some things best left to professionals. A roof is one such thing. While you can inspect and maybe try to fix things, we do not recommend it. It can leave issues like leaks unresolved, but climbing on the roof without proper equipment or training can be dangerous by itself. At Solution Roofing, we have experts who can inspect your roof, advise you on what needs to be done and then fix it for you. Once you have that out of the way, you should look into booking a professional home mover, like Wise Move. Wise Move has helped thousands of people over the years and has over 5000 positive reviews from happy customers.