Long Run Roofing Auckland | Roofing Solutions

As West Auckland roofing experts, we understand the concerns many of our customers have about the installation of their new roof. We’ve been around long enough to know they’ll be anxious about the process. Given the scale of the job, that’s understandable. A new roof is a big deal, and while our customers know they need one, they also know there will be some disruption to their daily lives. We ease their stress by specialising in longrun steel roofing. When it comes to a new roof, longrun can be installed so much faster than most other roof types. By doing it quickly, people can get on with their lives sooner.

Long run roofing gets its name because it is installed in long, single pieces. Because of this, it takes less time to install as we’re not piecing together smaller pieces of roofing material. The custom-cut lengths of roofing are continuous, and they extend from the ridge to the gutter in a seamless way. It allows for a much smoother and faster installation process, and we can almost hear the sighs of relief from our customers when they see how quickly their new roof is being installed!

Modern long run roofing, with its range of colours and styles, is an attractive option and a convenient one. It is easy to match a design to any architectural style, and a new roof immediately looks like it was always meant to adorn a home, even an older one. And once installed correctly – and we’ll make sure of that – it will have a lifespan of 40 to 60 years, which reduces stress even further. Proper maintenance and regular inspections by the Solution Roofing team will further extend the life span of your new roof. In between inspections, you can rest assured the roof will be able to handle anything the elements throw at it.

As far as roofing materials go, we say, “Long live longrun!” Our customers agree, especially those who were a little anxious about getting a new roof installed. Thanks to longrun steel roofing, and the expertise of the team that works for our Auckland roofing company, they’ve been able to get back to their daily routine sooner than they thought possible. If that’s an appealing prospect to you, get in touch with Solution Roofing, and we’ll discuss a new longrun steel roof that’s just as appealing.